Where: Anamosa, IA home

Immediate Need: Homeowner asked us to address backyard drainage issues and replace broken/cracked concrete patio

Additional Requests:


Our crew at Schockemoehl is proud to help our clients make their landscaping solutions both practical as well as beautiful, and in this project in Anamosa, Iowa, we had the chance to do both.

When we got to the job site and began digging out the original concrete patio, we noticed bigger water issues than we had originally estimated. Using our big and small-track skid loaders and track excavator we were able to reach the location of the water issues while causing minimal damage to the existing yard.  Equipment like this requires less effort from the machines and prevents it from tearing up your lawn while also minimizing the time it takes to get the lawn back to normal.

We installed drainage tile below the surface to help water runoff absorb quickly into the water table.  This would keep the water from pooling below the new patio and prevent heaving and breakage of the pavers. In addition, we connected the underground drainage tile to their home’s down spots to help control all water drainage around the hardscapes and the home’s foundation.  We then went to work repairing and improving their lawn by leveling out the property and seeding the lawn.  To help control erosion of the newly graded and seeded yard, we used straw to cover the soil and a woven strawmat to slow the water flow on the newly-shaped sidehill that we created for our clients.

Once we had the immediate concerns addressed, we were able to draw up a design that would give our clients everything on their wish list. We leveled out the area in the center and installed a custom paver patio, complete with retaining walls that not only built up the surrounding shrub beds, but also provided extra seating around the new fire pit.  Inside the retaining walls we also put in new low-voltage accent lights to accentuate the area well into the evening hours and draw the eye to all the design’s unique features.

From a problematic backyard to a custom outdoor living space, we were able to take our client’s requests and combine them to build a backyard of their dreams