Schockemoehl Landscaping LLC was born from a desire to build beautiful, custom landscape designs to accent the exterior of homes and businesses in and around Eastern Iowa.

In 2002, brothers Ryan and Eric Schockemoehl saw a need in Eastern Iowa for someone who could offer knowledge of plant life and construction basics to help contractors and homeowners enhance their curb appeal.  At this time there was a new housing boom in their hometown of Cascade, Iowa, but no local service to help with the planning, establishing and maintainence of the shrub and flower beds that made houses into homes. So using Eric’s knowledge of landscaping combined with Ryan’s experience in the construction industry, a business was born.  Over the past 15 years, Schockemoehl Landscaping has continued to serve Cascade, Iowa, and the surrounding area from shrub bed maintenance and design, to a full-service landscaping company that can plan and install plant life such as shrubs and trees, as well as hardscapes like retaining walls, patios, yard lights, and water features.

“Taking designs from ideas on a blueprint to beautiful, usable spaces where families can relax and enjoy their homes is what makes it all worthwhile,” says Eric.

“We give each project we work on 100% of our effort,” adds Ryan, “and we truly believe in our motto ‘Beautiful landscapes start here,’ with our team at Schockemoehl Landscaping.”

If you are looking for a team who values your property and has the vision and skill to bring it to life, contact the crew at Schockemoehl Landscaping.